What is Animal BowenCare?

Animal BowenCare is a gentle, non-invasive body therapy that works via the animal’s autonomic nervous system.

Animal BowenCare, is an adaptation of human Bowen Therapy which has existed since Thomas Bowen began his work in Geelong, Victoria, Australia in the 1950s.

Animal BowenCare is a gentle, non-invasive body therapy that works via the animal’s autonomic nervous system helping the body to begin to self-regulate. This is true for both humans and animals.

When an animal, as with humans, has an injury, illness or some sort of trauma, the body begins to develop compensatory patterns of use to avoid further discomfort or pain.  If left unchecked these patterns of use slowly but surely begin to interfere with the well-being and function of the body.  This is where the effective, gentle, body therapy that is Animal BowenCare comes into its own.  It helps the healing process without further aggravation or injury.

Our pet canines, that is, dogs respond beautifully to Animal BowenCare.  It works in the same way as Bowen Therapy does with humans.  Very gentle, moves are made over muscle and connective tissue at precise points in the body allowing the body to calm the autonomic nervous system and therefore, to allow the body to move into a state of rest and restore.

Animals are much more ‘in tune’ with their bodies than we are and know intrinsically what can help or hinder.  Dogs will draw themselves closer to you even ‘presenting’ the affected area for help.  When they have had enough they may: yawn, shake themselves, walk away or even fall asleep.  At times they even return for more.


Katrina and Vianne are both practitioners of human Bowen Therapy with a combined, 30 years,  experience between them.

They are also members of Bowen Training Australia RTO#41134.  As members they are also trainers of human Bowen Therapy in Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10846NAT and the Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy 10847NAT (Vianne Only)

Katrina Ridley
Katrina Ridley
Katrina grew up in country NSW surrounded by dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, cattle and even pigs.

It was a wonderful environment in which to grow up and she loved being able to help around the farm with all the animals. Feeding them was a big responsibility and more so in times of drought. Orphaned lambs were her favourites. Helping them grow strong enough to survive by taking them in and ensuring they were fed properly.

Whilst Katrina didn’t grow up with dreams of becoming a vet she did grow up with a respect for all living creatures and has always found it hard to see an animal in distress.

When the opportunity came up to work with her Bowen Therapy colleague to develop and run the Animal BowenCare workshops and courses she jumped at it.
Katrina looks forward to facilitating pet owners and animal enthusiasts to help their companion animal friends.

Vianne and Katrina bring this wealth of practice and training experience with humans to Animal BowenCare by adapting human Bowen to our companion animals.

Vianne MacBeth
Vianne MacBeth
Vianne is and always has been a lover of animals. As a child she would rescue any animal in need, be it a mouse, cat, dog or horse, even a chicken. Really anything with a beating heart was on her list. Vianne was blessed to grow up on a farm with parents who were also animal lovers and just couldn’t say no to the young girl wanting to help her animal friends. She rode horses from a young age, went to Pony Club and loved cross country and eventing.

As she was growing up all she wanted to do was be a Vet and even worked on Saturdays helping the local Vet by cleaning out cages and helping look after the animals. However, as often happens in life things change and we go off on different paths and she didn’t become a Vet but her love of animals and ensuring the well-fair and well-being never changed.

Once Vianne mastered the ‘Bowen Move’, as a practitioner of human Bowen Therapy, she was ready to see if it worked as well on dogs as it did on humans. She had the perfect pair of dogs, her beautiful Odin the malamute and Lovely Lucy the heeler collie. With some anatomy texts and a passion for learning off she went!

Vianne was very excited to see such a positive response from her dogs to the Bowen they received. This resulted in people bring their pets to her for Bowen.
During this time she had some wonderful mentoring from her Vet and colleague Joanna Milan, Vet / Chiropractor / Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist.

Vianne is looking forward to bringing Animal BowenCare to everyone.