Project Description

Module 1


Module 1


Introduction to Animal BowenCare

Course Description:

Provides an introduction to Animal BowenCare and how this course was conceived and came to fruition.

  • You will be introduced to your Animal BowenCare trainers, Vianne and Katrina and gain insight into their passion for Animal BowenCare.
  • At a practical level you will begin with how to approach you canine clients and their carer, along with taking details and medical history.
  • You will then learn how to perform the Animal BowenCare ‘move’ and what responses you might expect from you canine client.

This module will focus on helping the canine body relax with the Lumbar, Mid Back and Neck Relaxers, along with moves for Quadratus Lumborum, Shoulder and Hamstring issues. 

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of Module 1 the student will be able to perform the Animal BowenCare ‘move’, complete all the procedures listed and undertake a simple Animal BowenCare treatment plan.

Hours:  16

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